Welcome to the CHOOZU WORLD, a place to see the world through the eyes of young generation. Here you will find me A. Tiwari as your author with lifestyle, fashion, health and fitness tips for young generation, information about the latest techs and a column through this blog in which i will express my thoughts and views and make you know about mindset of our generation.
This blog is a window to know about the road which lead towards future. our generation is full of mysteries, zeal, new opportunities and creativity and if guided in right way we have capability to guide the world to a better future. This blog is dedicated to youngsters. This page is my view on us youngsters to view the world.
As a college student i do come across my mates and do find out what they are thinking with what and how they want to do and express themselves to the world. This page is an expression of their views too with the column of guest post and solution of the problems which they want to seek in this crowded world. This page is a public advice to youngsters to stay fit, fashionable and updated to the latest techs. It’s journey of teenagers towards better themselves.