Tips for Skin care routine in winter at home


Hi friends, winter in on the door and so is the need of doubled up efforts on skin care in winter. Winter is the favorite season of most of us. As the weather is cold all you want to do is snuggle up in a cozy blanket with a cup of hot drink and that my dear friend is heaven on earth. Well with the coziness in the air winter also brings up two things laziness and dryness. Well I’m going to ask you to rise above your laziness to fight the other monster i.e. dryness of the skin in winter. 

Let me give a quick content of what’s upcoming. In this article we’re going to discuss some important and little things about skin care in winter. So, let’s get started.

1. Shower

The task of the day which requires a lot of courage in winters. And even if you fight with every brain cell of the body that no I’ll take bath today, you end up bathing in boiling kind of water (not literally it’s a joke). So the first thing? Don’t do that wash yourself up in lukewarm water and avoid taking long bath in winter. Well i didn’t needed to tell you about later do i?

2. Moisturization

During winter season your skin needs moisture all the time. Now you got two options use your favorite brand moisturizer or just use coconut oil after bathing. Let me clear one thing that moisturizer doesn’t actually moisturize your skin it just locks it up. So after showers don’t dry yourself completely and also don’t rub the towel on your skin just pat dry yourself and apply moisturizer when your skin is still wet, it will help you in skin care in winter. 

3. Sun protection

It’s winter so maybe you don’t feel the need to protect yourself from UV rays from the sun because you’re too busy moisturizing your skin. But that will be huge mistake, i agree that most of the time you’ll be fully covered but don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your body mainly hands feet and face because they got only a thin layer of covering in the chilly season as compared to your other body parts. Also try to cover up your body as much as possible because chilly winds will surely steal the moisture from your skin and make it dry and scaly. So, take care.

4. Make up

No matter the season but if you’re going out i understand that make up is important. But most of the make up products are generally prone to make your skin dry. To overcome this try using oil based make up bases like primer or foundation. Also if you don’t want to use them try applying coconut oil or any other essential oil as the base layer before starting your make up. I’ve searched it a lot and no it won’t cause any skin problems plus it’ll hydrate your skin all day long. Also do not forget to remove the make up at the end of the day. Don’t be lazy about it.

5. Diet

What you eat acts like a fuel to your body. So the better quality of fuel you use the better results you get. Also in winter metabolism is a little slow because of the down temperature our enzymes actions get slower too which results in slow metabolic reaction. So you don’t get too hungry and be full easily. Now that doesn’t means you should skip the number of times you eat but reduce the amount of food which you consume.

Also in winter we get lazy to cook multiple times hence cook once in a day and eat it for the rest of that day. Avoid this type of food consumption. Doing this is no better then consuming fast food as they are stale. Now let’s take a look of some small tips which are more like personal advice for skin care in winter.

  1. Try using honey and rose water mixture to moisturize your skin. Apply it at night and wash it with lukewarm water next morning.
  2. If laziness is big problem try yoga, i know it’ll be hard to start but mainly my focus is to make you start your day with breathing fresh air. Even if you’re living in a flat where their is no garden nearby. Devote an area of your home to turn in into fresh greenery on your home. And do kapalbharti (a breathing yoga) for ten min. That will be enough itself for a good start.
  3. Apply mustard oil on your belly button it helps you supple hour lips.
  4. Apply a mixture of asfoetidia and milk on your feet at night and wear socks to avoid mess of your bed sheets. They’ll keep you warm and give you a good night sleep.

Now, let me give you the best self care advice, plant more trees around your home or garden. I know you find it totally unrelated but the fact is we all apply expensive products on ourselves mainly to protect ourselves, from pollution, adulteration, harmful rays. But the roots of this problem is playing with mother nature without understanding it’s consequences. Even if you don’t follow any heavy skin care routine and just breath fresh air it’ll affect your health multiple folds. The reason is our need of air is far more then our need of food and water so any problem with the air we breathe is going to affect us far more then other things. So please just breath fresh. That’s a wrap for today see you in another topic. Till next time. Take care and smile.


A. Tiwari

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