Hair care Tips and Solution to fight hair fall at home


Hi friends today I’m here to take you on another journey of hair care tips and solutions naturally. We all are aware of the fact that during changes of the seasons hair fall increases. But not only this many other reasons can triggers to hair fall too like depression, overthinking, not taking proper nutrients etc. Now for the Brain part everyone will give you the same advice, which I’m repeating too. Don’t overthink, not take stress, everything will be alright.

The problem is well know when we got the problems we all overthink it we can’t just ignore it and it leads to deterioration of body and mind. Now the solution is to train your brain on which I’ve already written blog so check them out. Now for the nutrients part, so you all know that hairs are made of keratin protein. So if you want to take care of your hair then eat food items containing protein like pulses, sprouts, flax seeds, eggs, fishes (mainly salmon), nuts (walnuts mainly), yogurt etc.

hair care

Now i know some of  you won’t like sprouts just in one day but give it a try in few days you’ll be familiar with it’s taste and you won’t need to add a lot of things to make it tasty. Let me tell you a small recipe you can try, I’m saying it’s must try but if you want to try something new I’ll recommend it. At day soak grams, moong beans and peanuts ( ignore if you’re allergic) in water for 6-8 hours then at night Take them out of water and wrap them up in damp cotton cloth overnight.

Next day you’ll see them sprouted. Now wash them once and mix up up raw spinach leaves, yogurt, salt and if you want it spicy add green chillies. Give it a try. Even if you hate spinach like me, let me tell you raw leaves are far better than cooked ones ( personal experience). If you like eggs, prefer boiled over omelette. Now let me introduce to some good hair care tips and habits which are already tested on me already. 

1. Massage your hair with oil twice in a week.

hair massage

First tips for hair care is to do hair massage. Usually for me it’s ritual on every Tuesday and Saturday night to apply coconut and almond oil on my hair. So that i wash them next morning. Now oiling is not only about choosing the right oil for your hair but also to massage it correctly. My advice will be coconut oil or almond oil as their snell is pleasing too and it provides proper nourishment for the hairs. Always use your fingertips to massage them in circular motion and focus on the roots of the hair. 

2. Don’t comb them hard if they’re tangled.

combing hair

We usually comb it too hard if our hairs are tangled so that we damage them. Have you ever saw that if you try to break a strand of your hair it’ll stretch first and then breaks. Same thing happens if you comb too hard,your hair will either stretched or break. Stretched hair strands get more weak and more prone to be tangled. So if your hairs are tangled, divide them to small portions and try to untangle them through fingers so that you know how much pressure you’re applying. 

3. Don’t rub the towel on your hairs to dry them up.

hair dry

Choose pat drying over it. And avoid blow dryers as much as you can.

4. Wash your hair with either lukewarm water or cold water.

hair wash

Hot water makes hair loose their strength and shine. And remember to comb your hairs before washing and oiling them. It makes the process easier. Also wash your hair brushes every now and then. 

5. Use egg mask for your hair to make them strong and shiny as eggs are store house of protein.

egg massage

To make egg mask use egg white (for strength), almond oil or any essential oils ( i prefer almond oil as it have vitamin E and nice smell to kill the smell of eggs), aloe vera ( choose fresh leaves if you can, makes your hair shiny and provide them strength), curd ( it conditions the the hairs and cur off the eggs property to make scalp dry). Coffee ( if you like the color personally i don’t use it). 

Now you can add the ingredients according to your need but let me tell you one thing egg has a property to make the hair scalp dry, so for any egg hair mask use curd to cut off that property of eggs. If you can’t use curd use fresh aloe vera gel to replace curd. It also have similar properties.These are my personal choices and advice for you. If you want to add anything please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your views on it. Also tell me what you want to know next. Till next time, take care. Smile.


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