How to improve memory Power : Enhancing Memory and Concentration.


Hi friends, today I came here with a topic of your deep interest, how we can improve our memory i.e. how we can enhance our brain power. I’m not saying that theoretically, this is based on the views on YouTube videos and search trends on google. But the fact is we don’t indulge ourselves deeply into the topic. In today’s topic first we’ll learn about brain areas and their functions and then how we can enhance overall brain power. 

Brain areas and their functions

  • Cerebellum :- It deals with posture, balance and coordination.
  • Wernicke’s area :- Deals with language comprehension.
  • Occipital lobe :- Deals with vision and perception.
  • Motor area :- Control of voluntary muscles.
  • Sensory area :- Skin sensations.
  • Frontal lobe :- Movement, problem solving, concentration, thinking behavior, personality, mood.
  • Broca’s area :- Speech control.
  • Temporal lobe :- Hearing sensation, language comprehension, memory.
  • Brain stem :- Consciousness, breathing, heart rate.
  • Parietal lobe :- Sensations, language, perception, attention, body awareness.

Above things are just written to proof two points. First, i did a good research so i know what I’m saying and you can believe me. Second, so that you can really relate to which activity is related to improving which brain area. Now, we’ll talk about some activities that will enhance or you can improve your memory. Let me tell you one thing you’ve heard them so many times like do this or do that it will help you to in the development of your brain areas. But no one tells you which area and how it does.

So today we’re gonna look deep to it and you can choose whatever activity you want according to your brain area development. 

1. Exercise

so, we do think that mental development is just related to learning and stuff but it’s not completely true. Because a major part of the brain cerebellum and motor areas are responsible for the coordination of movements and control of voluntary muscles so of you work physically it also improves your brain function. It also increases need of oxygen to the whole body for giving you energy hence automatic increase in the oxygen supply to the brain too.

Which is very important to increase the speed of communication between neurons hence, better coordination between organs and increase in brain power. Now physical workout routine can be according to your body needs but in order to keep your brain functioning well you need to do physical workout daily. Sorry, can’t be lazy about that.

2. Painting/ drawing

Next comes painting and drawing. Now i know a lot of you people might have heard that many people suggest if you want to raise your IQ level get involved in playing with colors. But let me tell you why, because according to scientists expressing yourself through different kind of arts helps to relieve anxiety, depression and helps you to build a good mental health.

Painting and drawing helps you in development of frontal lobe, occipital lobe and cerebellum. So try to play with color you don’t need to be top artist for that just paint whatever you want. Let the memories splash on the papers maybe some day when you flip pages it’ll take you to your old memory lane. 

3. Learning different languages

Cork, Ireland

Have you ever wondered when you are in a room full of people who speak different language even if one person will speak the language you have command in your all attention will be towards that person. Or when you’re angry or emotionally overwhelming you prefer your mother tongue to express it. Learning different languages helps you to develop a small yet important part of you brain wernick’s area. It helps you with language comprehension and improve your memory power. Also learning different languages helps you in the development of the temporal lobe of your brain. If you have command on more languages your brain will be stronger.

4. Music

Have you ever observed the music in your favorite movie? Imagine the last fighting scene of Avengers endgame with the background music of tom and jerry (don’t sue me for it). Music have the power to change the whole feeling of the veiw. And today we got so many options, for example white noise, bineural beats, soothing music to set your mood for yoga etc. Long story short it’ll be a great help for your frontal lobe, temporal lobe, perietal lobe etc. So, observe your taste of music by listening different genres and knowing which one’s giving you peace and improve your memory power. And listen it daily for sometime to give your brain some break from the all day work. It’ll improve your behavior, calm you and help you to be more active and concentration. 

5. Pranayam

Yoga has always been a great influencer for the perfect physical and mental health. When we talk about mental health, it’s incomplete without the mention of pranayam. Pranayam are of mainly 5 types. Their soul purpose is to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain to increase its functioning and enhancement of the memory. My advice to you as a beginner will be of udgeeth, anulom vilom and kapalbharti. You can easily search them on google and start slow with 5 min each daily. I’m pretty sure your body deserves that much from you.

It will mainly focus on your brain stem, and also keep you away from lung problem, under one condition…. Breath clean air, which is not that hard just try planting plants around your yoga area and try to connect with nature. Their are many other popular methods to enhance the brain activity like brain storming, sleeping properly and taking care of your diet like less sugar, less fat etc. And i recommend all of them too, but these are the methods which everyone have heard but still didn’t get explained.

Hope you find this content helpful to improve your memory and enhancement of Concentration. One more thing i know quarantine can be boring so try to indulge yourself in more physical activities and don’t overthink anything and of course enjoy this unwanted holiday. Till next time, take care. Smile.


A. Tiwari

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