How to Stay Fit, Active & Healthy During Quarantine


Today I will share some must know fitness tips for the quarantine. And for this post I literally interviewed 2 good doctors and a fitness freak for this. Question is how to become fit?. And bigger question is how to stay fit in this social distancing surrounding which is now a popular as quarantine. Seriously no one even knew this term before corona period. Well coming back to the topic, Fitness will be comprised at two stages Mental & Physical. The problem is we do a lot of things for the physical but forget about mental health, right? So let’s just take a look on both of these topics today.

Physical fitness needs Body Energy, strength, flexibility and Capacity of your workout. So basically you have to keep the machine (body) moving so to prevent it from rusting (muscle problems, easily tiredness etc.) Now thanks to the youtube and podcasts you still have access to any type of workout that you need on your phone. All you need is to find out which is best for you.

But let me introduce you to some basics exercise to stay fit that are planks, crunches, squats etc. For more information checkout the blog I wrote for them separately.
Next thing in the list to stay fit is food. So, basically every machine needs energy to operate. For your body, it’s food. Food which is compatible with your workout routine, taken in short breaks and easy to digest are more efficiently energy gainers.
As per my dear friend who really keep loves his body more than we all do (because we’re lazy), “I usually eat according to my body needs whenever I feel like stomach is empty but I have sufficient energy to workout so I don’t eat much more, it will neither be good for stomach nor for body.

At night I don’t prefer eating anything, but if I get real hungry then get some fruits and glass of milk it is sufficient because after all at night the body will be in rest so no much food is need.” This is his all time routine though, he further adds “my diet plan isn’t fix, I eat for tummy and being healthy, so regular fish meal and vegetables little sort of fruits are included in my diet”.
Now following are the nutrient requirements according to the different need of the body.

Strength – body must have fat component to acquire muscular body or you can say stay in shape.
Flexibility – fibrous food is good for it.
Energy – obviously proteinaceous food.
After that comes the mental part. Let me tell you one little secret, a lot of people think that loneliness makes them frustrated and even some scientists have anticipated that corona pandemic will follow the global psychological pandemic or suicide pandemic according to a report.

Which can be witnessed at some part of the world. The question is why? Are we really that dependent on other people to make us happy or to make us live? The answer is can be varied from person to person and is needed to find out by everyone on their own. I can understand that things are complicated in all this social distancing and not able to meet your loved ones but I don’t think it can be this demoralizing. Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

Now the point is to turn this demoralizing environment into something positive, to rise and shine with your inner peace. How can we do that? Well I’ve got many solutions. First is to read some of my blogs on how to keep you busy in this quarantine. Second to learn something new and my personal favorite option is to learn new language. Why? I’ll give you a blog on the reason too real soon. Third do yoga to stay fit, there is nothing that can give you inner peace more then yoga and trust my this line “ yoga van take you in the positive direction without even letting you know.”

  • This is my personal experience, it’s not been more than a week since I’m doing it but I can still feel the changes for ex. I started waking up early, I’m active whole day, my appetite is improved, I don’t get so much angry etc. If this can happen in just a week tell me what more can’t we do. I know you’re lazy And you wake up late so no worries do it whenever you wake up.

A little bit of personal advice apply coconut oil or vaseline in your eye lashes at night, massage it a little with your finger tips, actually initially it was to make my lashes thick but the side effect is it makes you sleepy soon. And when you become sleepy don’t fight it for the youtube videos just sleep. That will help you to wake up early.
Now the question is if you’re waking up late, which you obviously are then what yogas you should do. I’ll give you three simple asanas that won’t even make you move from your place.

  1. Udgeeth pranayam
  2. Anulom vilom pranayam
  3. Kapalbharti pranayam

That’s all, in same series, it’ll take you to about 15-20 min to do them all to stay fit. I know you’ll find it hard first but fight that urge for about a week. Then when you’ll observe the positive effects by yourself then keep doing it. I mean who doesn’t want great body right? Now I wanna request something comment down if you’re feeling down or frustrated don’t worry if you’ll want me to publish it then only it’ll be out otherwise it’ll be between me and you. I may not help you but I hope sharing can make you feel better. And remember I believe you, you’re the best. Till next time, Take care and smile.


A. Tiwari

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