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Hi friends, today I’m going to give you tips instead I’m going to be your advisor. Quarantine is making all of us lazy and making us feel useless, result? Frustrated mind, lack of focus and weight gain etc. Now as I was thinking about me that how should i stay productive during this period when college is off and no information about what’s going to happen next. Many of you must be feeling the same, aren’t you? So let’s take a look on 8 my personal advice for what productive and creative useful thing to do during quarantine.

Make reading habit – let’s take example of new year resolutions. I bet you didn’t followed that one more then a month. But now, you can make some new habits whatever you wanted for a long time but didn’t forced yourself enough to work on it. Now you don’t have excuses like you’re tired or you have work tomorrow. Get a 21/90 challenge (it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to convert it to lifestyle). This will make you feel productive and motivated to fill up your alone time in quarantine.

Make list of things you thought you’ll do when you are free – there are many things we think that we’ll do when we get time. Remember you thought that you’ll watch that movie when you’ll be free? Or try that DIY? Or reform your old dress to give it a new look? And you promised mom to learn to cook? This quarantine is itself giving you an opportunity to complete those tasks, as you’ll learn something new you’ll feel productive itself and motivated to do more. Make a list of all your postponed chores and start finishing them one by one.

Take some online courses – this time can be defined as no work, no homework, no assignment period. That itself make us miss everything. And thinking about future makes this worse. Remember maybe there is something you wanted to study but that was forgotten in your journey to get a good job. Well, the solution is internet there are millions of courses available on the net whether you want to learn fashion or fiesta just type it up join a suitable certificate providing organization and boom, listen and learn. One of the organization for science related students? Checkout NPTEL website and if that helps let me know in the comment section.

Make money online – in these times of job crisis when everything is going down then one thing is definitely going high i.e. online job percentage. There are many things in the market example freelancing, playing games, refferal codes and much more. Choose your interest and make use of your free time.
Spend more time with family, talk to your friends – due to work and busy schedule we sometimes neglect our families and friends. Although that’s unintentional but still it’s results can sometimes be very serious. So, spend some quality time with family talk to your friends bond with them again. Polish your relationship and results will be fruitful for sure.

Don’t be lazy – off days already make us lazy and this time it’s about 5 months Holidays so everyone is lazy for sure. But I’m suggesting you don’t be lazy because it’ll effect will immensely when you’ll try to get back to your routine. As your body will already be adapted to your laziness. It’ll also effect your physical health. So try utilising your time paint or make a diary, so many options in the market.

Give time on self development – it’s most important topic to focus on these days. Now you have time to think a lot, so evaluate yourself. Be grateful what you have but make list of what you want to change in yourself and focus on them one by one. Remember that no one is perfect so don’t be disappointed on your mistakes and if your list of ‘need to improve’ is long. Trust yourself that with time you’ll eliminate everything on the list. P. S. I may be don’t know you but if you’re dedicated then you can do it, I believe in you.

Learn new skills – there are so many things to learn in the world, aren’t they? So many fascinating things to explore. Find out your interest and master them. Also learn something to help your family like cooking, cleaning. You can learn painting if you like according to research colors help our mind to get more creative. Or you can learn new language if you want it’ll help you in further communication and learning more languages helps the brain to gasp things easily. At last they’re all up to you, what you want to learn.

These are some of my personal advice for you as for me I did learn cooking a little also read about 4 novels till now and learning some more things online. This is my share to help you keep productive and motivated during this quarantine period. What did you do till now?? Tell me on the comment section. And tell me what you want to learn about next.


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