Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India for Jungle Safari


India is a diverse country, not only when it comes to culture but also flora and fauna. There are over 47,000 species of flora and 81,000 species of fauna found in India. We have a rich flora and fauna because we have a large diverse geographical structure. From mountains to plateaus to beaches, we have everything. We should consider ourselves lucky to be able to live in such a diverse country in every aspect. We should try and experience this rich flora and fauna. India has a lot of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and animal reserves.

If you ever think about spending a good family time, you should try visiting these natural surroundings. Not only do you get to have a wonderful experience but you also get to enhance your knowledge. A jungle safari is a perfect way to experience all this and if you want to do that,you should have a look below. From the location to the best time to visit, it provides you all the useful information. Below is a list of the top ten wildlife sanctuaries in India for jungle Safari

Jungle Safari in top 10 wildlife sanctuaries of India –

Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve – Pali, Rajasthan

This wildlife reserve is gaining popularity because it is entirely different from the other wildlife sanctuaries in India because of its geographical features. Other wildlife sanctuaries have thick forests but Jawai Conservation has mountains acting as a shelter for the leopards. Besides leopards you can see many migratory birds and alligators here. It is also a perfect place for you to click amazing pictures. There’s no perfect time to visit Jawai, you can get the same thrill any time of the year. Thour nature resorts are also not far from the wildlife reserve, so you can visit the resorts and have a wonderful time.

Ranthambore National Park- Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan

It is one of the most famous national parks in northern India because of the Bengal Tigers. Earlier the national park was the hunting grounds for the Maharajas of Jaipur. Now it is a home to many tigers and migratory birds. The national park is named after the famous Ranthambore fort which is over the top of a hill near it. The National park is not only surrounded with forests but various water ponds. The best time to go to Ranthambore for wildlife watching is just before the rains, from April to June. There are a lot of things that you can do here- bird watching, gypsy safari, canter safari and photography. It is 130 kms away from Jaipur so you can even visit the pink city beside Ranthambore.

Jim Corbett National Park – Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

One of India’s oldest and most prestigious wildlife sanctuaries and lies along the Ramganga River at the foot of the Kumaon Hills. It is named after the famous naturalist, Jim Corbett. This sancturies was honoured as the place where Project Tiger was first launched in 1973. It is a home to elephants and Royal tigers. Apart from the amazing jungle safari, there are a lot of other things you can do here. You can visit the Corbett museum which was earlier the bungalow of Jim Corbett. You can also visit the Garjia Temples and Corbett waterfalls. If you are planning a thrilling vacation in the realm of nature, the best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park is from the month of November to February.

Kaziranga National Park – Kanchanjuri, Assam

It is situated along the floodplains of Brahmaputra river and consists of the world’s largest population of one- horned rhinoceros. You can even get to see Ganges River dolphins if you are lucky enough. This popular park is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The park closes earlier for monsoon for safety reasons. Therefore, the period between November and April is the best time to visit Kaziranga National Park. Assam’s famous city, Guwahati, is also not far away from the park. So you can visit it and have a wonderful time.

Kanha National Park – Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

It is also known as the Kanha Tiger reserve. It is a home to tigers, jackals and wild pigs. After enjoying the wildlife you can even visit the Kanha museum situated inside the park. As per the climate of Central India, the best time to visit Kanha National Park is during winters, from October to March. But most of the tourists visit the park between November and March, mainly because the summer’s heat is unbearable to visit the park at that time. The Bamni Dadar is the famous sunset point visited by people who come to the park, it is not far away from the park.

Sundarbans National Park – Kolkata, West Bengal.

This national park is shared by both Bangladesh and India. It is a home to the Royal Bengal Tigers and various endangered species such as the Ganges River Dolphin. It is located 130 km east from the city of Kolkata so you can even visit it and have rasogullas. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of  its rich biodiversity and for being home to the largest Tiger reserves in the world. September to March are the best months to visit Sundarbans because  the winters here are the most pleasant period.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve and National Park – Bandipur, Karnataka

This park was earlier the private hunting ground of the Maharajas of Mysore. Now it is a home to a small population of tigers, antelopes and numerous other native species. The 14th-century Himavad Gopalaswamy Temple is situated at the park’s highest peak and offers an amazing view. The best time to visit Bandipur National Park is during the winter season between October – March. Wayanad is one of the most famous and outstanding locations near Bandipur park.

Periyar National Park- Idukki, Kerala

Also known as the Periyar Tiger Reserve and is situated in the mountainous Western Ghats of South Indian. It is a protected area and a notable elephant and tiger reserve. It is home to a significant elephant population and Indian Bison. Alongside the wildlife you can see various sandalwood and jamun trees. Situated in the park’s North, Periyar lake is popular for boat rides. Mangala Devi temple is an ancient temple located inside the park. You can also visit Abraham’s spice garden which is not far away from the park. The best time to visit Periyar National Park is from September to June .

Gir National Park- Gir Somnath, Gujarat

Gir National park is the sole home of the Asiatic Lions and is considered as one of the protected areas in Asia. It was established to protect the asiatic lions along with leopards and antelopes. The Kamleshwar Dam inside the park has marsh crocodiles and birds. Outside the fenced area of the Gir Jungle Trail you can find pythons. December to March is climatically the best season to visit Gir. Though April and May are very hot but considered as the best months to do wildlife viewing and photography. You can also visit Diu as it is just 51 kilometres away from the park.

Pench National Park – Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

This is India’s most famous national park established in 1975. It is named after the pristine River Pench which flows through the park. The park also has its mention in the famous, ‘The Jungle Book’, penned down by the renowned English Author Rudyard Kipling. The story was worldwide applauded and became the reason for the popularity of the national park in the whole world. The park serves as the cosy nest of numerous wild creatures including the Royal Bengal tiger, jackal and peafowl. Earlier the park was a wildlife sanctuary and later in the year 1975 and 1992, the sanctuary got the recognition of national park and tiger reserve, respectively. You can also visit the Seoni district and enjoy the heritage of Madhya Pradesh.


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