10 effective and best tips for anger management, how to control anger


Hi friends, in today’s machine era when for most of the things we don’t have to move or when most of the time we indulge ourselves in phone. Our mind get frustrated when we get lazy. As a result frustrating at small points, anger beyond our control which further results damaging relationships. Now at these times when we’re totally locked up at homes these cases simply arises. And we need to take some actions for anger management. And Today we’re going to follow 10 tips on how to control anger 5 during the situation and 5 off the situations.

Let’s Start with during the situation tips :-

  • Realize warning signs – Now whenever you get angry your body signs you like elevated breathing, aroused temperature (often referred to blood boiling in metaphors), trembling, sweaty hands etc. Catch those signs immediately, remember these are the signs that can blind your decision making areas of the brain. Also in long term deteriorates your health. Realize these signs and stop yourself before saying or doing anything for anger management, specially while decision making.
  • Do a countdown and catch your breath – now do a countdown and try relaxing your breath it may take time and that is what you need during heated moments. By this you’re giving your brain control once again of your body and see everything more clearly. Also your bodily signs will get normal pace. Which will be helpful for your body physically.
  • Think before you speak – after getting hold on your breath now situation may need your interruption. So the first thing is process everything said and think from their prospects, is their anger is relevant.
  • Express yourself after you’re calm – If yes, then apologize. If no, then give your view calmly. Once their anger will wear off they’ll realize their mistakes on their own.

  • Choose your words wisely – remember while speaking choose your words wisely. So that you express yourself without holding anything but in respectful manner with reasoning and the effect on you. For e.g. You want them help with the household chores then rather saying Ok just help me with house chores just say. You don’t help me with household works and after tiring day at work I’ve to do it all alone that’s why I’m upset. Remember words make difference.

Now after dealing with the situation too you have to learn to control your anger. So let’s get some tips to include in your daily routine for anger management.

  • Involve in physical activities – exercise does help body in every way whether physically or mentally and it will help you for anger management. Just give yourself an hour of physical exercise to keep your brain busy and happy. It can be anything either yoga, jogging, dancing, house works like sweeping and much more. Just do it for a month and watch the difference. No harms on that right?
  • Write it all on paper and crush it – this method is used by thousands and its effective it helps to release your anger when you’re about to explode! Meaning? Let’s understand this with example sometimes you don’t have a choice to say all choice you get is to be silent for e.g. If parents or teachers accuse you for something or be too hard on you. You can’t reply them. And it makes you angry but deep down we all know that what they say is for your own good. Instead of getting on a cold war with them just go to your room write it all down in a paper. And crush it, squeeze it, tear it (with an evil smile for effect lol). Then have a good nap I guarantee you, you’ll feel fresh when awake.
  • Meditation helps – we all have listened on watched thousands of videos on the glory of meditation. And works on management too. It mostly works on self development and that does include working on your anger issues. Start small 5 min in quite morning with your favorite power tunes buzzing on your ear. Try focusing on every beats of instruments. I know it’s hard though but it works and with time you’ll get better on that. It’ll help you focus, see through subjects and know yourself better.
  • Keep in mind anger and stress affects your health – now we all know that with age only thing that will be with you is your body. So it’s must to take care of it. Anger affects mind and body both that is also proven scientifically. It uses more muscles, exhaust your brain at fast rate, cloaks your decision making even can lead to heart attack. So if you want to live long and happily it’s not a choice it is must to manage your anger and stress free.
  • Learn to see the others prospects before saying something – almost every time when we act recklessly in anger we know only our side of the story, we don’t know what others thought or been through. So next time when you become angry try to know their part of the story too and try to run on their shoe. Maybe you’ll get answers and maybe instead of getting angry and destroy your relationship with them you can fix something you wouldn’t even have noticed till now.

Anger is bad we all know but it kind of act as a reflex from our body when we hear something that is not in our favor. Learn one thing the world’s axis is not you. Their are up and downs for every body so what if you fell, rise and shine always without taking any stress. Tell me in the comment section what you want to know next.


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