8 Effective Ways To Keep Yourself Happy And Motivated Everyday


Hi friends, today I came with a special and self development topic, how to be a better person. As this time of quarantine when we all have so much time to self reflect and self analyze then it’s time for self development too. Whenever we think of self analysis the first thing we do is to focus on what we can improve i.e. How can we become better person. Today’s post is all about that. Today we’re going to get familiar with 8 effective ways which will help to keep yourself happy and motivated everyday. Let’s get started-

Learn self love

If I ask you answer me in 10 sec- who are 3 persons you love most in the world? The most common answer will start from mom or dad and end with pet or boyfriend or friend. The problem is, note how you forgot your self in the process. In today’s busy life we are so busy to achieve good life, good home that we forget to care of good skin, good mind and good us. But this will always be most important. Start loving yourself first and remember there is a big difference between SELF LOVE and being SELFISH. I’m asking you to put yourself first but not to such extent that it hurts other. Suit yourself, do what you love and praise yourself.

Don’t hesitate to do true appreciation

When it comes to be loved by other everyone loves appreciation. Whenever you find someone worthy of appraisal don’t hesitate and appreciate the person with happy mind. And again there is a big difference between TRUE APPRECIATION and FAWNING. Avoid fawning because sooner or later it will give you bad result but appreciate those who deserves to be appreciated even on their small gains. It can make a huge difference as it’ll give that person happiness and motivation and will give you an unknowingly place in that person’s heart.

Stay away from gossip

Gossiping can lead to big problems it’s my personal experience too. And I know many of you have experienced it in some phase of your life too. So the best thing is stay away from it and you will always stay happy and positive. It’s the best solution. I know girls love gossiping and I’ve noticed boys love it too at some extent. It provides it own type of addiction. And we all know that addiction leads to bad results. So try keeping yourself away from this addiction.

Give at least one hour to yourself

I’m not saying meditate or something. Do whatever you like. For me it’s taking care of my hairs and dancing P.S. I love them both a lot. Find something for yourself too. It can be listening music, dancing, drawing and so many other activities. It’s all up to you choose what gives you peace, makes you smile inside and forget all worries. Find it and tell me in the comment section. Maybe I’ll find a new hobby too.

Stay away from toxic relationships

Its not all about love life, its about everything. Sometimes friends sometimes a family member. Now the question is how do you know you are in a toxic relationship? It’s simple think if talking to a particular person is making you more afraid and restless then easy and comforting. Are you feeling that if u could have undid this relationship you had done without any hesitation. If you are more comfortable when that person isn’t around and you can stay happy without him / her. Give it a thought maybe you’ll get answers for your new neighbour in mind.

Learn to control your anger

Anythings can be ruined by anger and this theory is proved by a lots and lots of grate people. Whether its physical, mental or psychological anger that only give bad results. It makes you vulnerable too. And in anger you can easily be manipulated. That my friend is always going to be a negative point. This is where meditation comes which can help you to stay happy, motivated, positive. Don’t worry you don’t have to be too focused. Start small, think more, talk less. Whenever there is a situation of anger remember one thing “ What would I do if I would be on that place”. It’ll give you time to think as well as time to cool yourself and think clearly.

Keep leash on your tongue

There is a very fine proverb regarding this – wounds heal ill words doesn’t. It’s somehow give a very important lesson of life. Sometimes in anger or gossiping we say something that can’t be unsaid. And sometimes that does an indefinite pain . We all have encountered this moment at some point of our life. We can’t do anything about the past but If you want to be better, try keeping your tongue on a leash.

Develop a habit of listening

There are a lot of sapient in the world they all have a lot to say but a very few are listeners and that makes this ratio important. Choose your side as what you are now. Now choose if you want to be a person of crowd or the person included in personas. Now what side are you in again?. Sense of listening is something that makes a person important among many as they can say and someone will listen them carefully. This itself makes the listener important and everyone’s favorite. Try doing this next time when someone is pouring their heart in words to you. You’ll be amazed with the results.

These are some points that will help you be better and self improvise. Try them one by one and remember the most important point is the first one.


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