10 Best Drinks To Keep You Hydrated All Summer


Summer is approaching now, and with this problem of dehydration starts to spread quickly among us. Results of which chapped lips, dry skin, rapid thirst and person even faints sometimes. Also summer makes everyone lazy because of the change in outer environment and to keep us healthy skin have to sweat profusely. Summer is the time when most of us prefer to do nothing for good but as it got most Holidays in form of summer vacation we need to do something to make ourselves productive. So this becomes a vary important topic to discuss about summer drinks that can not only keep you away from heat stroke or heliosis but also solves problem of hydration to keep you active and productive. Let me assure you that these drinks are super easy and can me made by anyone with lowest no.of ingredients some of them won’t even need any making as they are natural drinks. Now let’s discuss them one by one.

Let me assure you that these drinks are super easy and can me made by anyone with lowest no.of ingredients some of them won’teven need any making as they are natural drinks. Now let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Coconut water

it’s not just summer drink it’s one of the best way to have a detoxifying water which will also keep you hydrated and saves you from heat stroke. It’s also popular among beauty conscious people as it helps skin to be glowing and hydrated. Also if you’re looking for ready to serve summer drink it’s the best option for you.

2. Buttermilk (Chaas)

It is made by churning up the curd and called as indian summer drinks. It’s a very popular all time favourite drink in Gujarat as it is compulsorily included in the dining. It is usually served with salt and grinded roasted cumin seeds. It helps you to improve your digestion also it proves to be a great summer drink as it cools up your body.

3. Sattu Drink

Sattu is mixture of grinded cereals like wheat, millets, barley, chick peas etc. Sattu contains grounded cereal mixture in water so it is nutritious too. It can be served with both as some prefer it sweet so they can add sugar into it. Also many of us prefer it salty. It can work for you in both ways.

4. Nimboo pani

Nimboo pani is something that is most common drink in Indian homes during summer. It can be also served as nimboo sarbat by mixing up the sugar. I usually add up a little jaljeera mix too as it makes it more delicious according to my taste. Also lemons are good detoxifying agent and along with that tangy taste which makes it everyone’s favorite.

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5. Lassi

A delicacy drink of Punjab, a yogurt based drink served with many traditional spices mainly sugar that’s why we refer to it as sweet lassi. It is usually a drink where buttermilk is stirred up with spices and
sugar and served as chilling drink. Lassi is a great option for you at summer as it is nutritious and delicious.

6. Pudina Sarbat

Mint is already very known for its property of cooling and also it’s fragrance soothes the mind. So mint sarbat is a great option to cope up with this grueling and drastic summer. It can be made with lemon and sugar and adding crushed mint leaves to it. Serve it with ice cubes, it tastes amaze when chilled up. Mint also solves the problem of frequent thirst in the summer which is common those days. It also solves the problem of acidity to a very extent.

7. Rooh Afza

Rooh afza is a concentrated squash. As the name suggests it literally soothes your soul as it’s fragrance and flavor makes you go crazy about it instantly. It is usually used to flavor up the cool desserts, ice, falooda and sarbats. It must be noticed that it consists of various against which are known to cooling up the body such as rose which is used against heat strokes.

8. Aam Panna

Mangoes also known as King of fruit usually rules in summer. It’s property also includes to cool the body temperature, saves from heatstroke and the best part? Heaven in taste. Aam panna is mainly made by boiling up raw mangoes and then squashing them up in water mixing up sugar and salt and needed spices as you like. It will prove to be a great appetizer and summer drink.

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9. Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice stalls are really common in Indian streets during summer. Everyone starting from the students including office workers and daily wage workers can be seen around sugarcane juice stalls in large numbers during hot noon in summer. It is real shot to try for the sweet lovers as it got sugar it gives you instant energy also sellers mix them with lemon to give u a tangy taste if you’re not into sweets much.

10. Jal jeera Juice

A mixture of different grinded spices mainly includes lemon and salt so to give you a tangy spicy flavor to freshen up your mood and body. It’s usually served with salty boondi. Jaljeera contains spices that increases appetite. It’ll prove to be a good summer drink for you if you like tangy taste.

So, above mentioned are some of the summer drinks that will help you to enjoy summer with least amount of expenses on the drinks. They are not flashy mocktails or mozitos, but these are the delicacy of India. These are some of the traditional drinks that will take you to journey of taste and health both. Don’t miss any of the mentioned above.


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