30 Things To Do At Home When You Are bored


Holidays of 1-2 days? Interesting. Holidays for 2-3 weeks? Not so interesting but still ok. But lockdown for about 1-2 months? Real boring right? So, in today’s topic we will talk about the things to do at home when you are bored; which will be in a series that will include 3 topics

1. Things for relaxing while bored

2. Productive things to do when bored

3. Adventurous things to do when bored

So, keep an eye on this series to know what exciting things we have for you. And explore them one by one. 

Things For Relaxing while bored


Relaxation is a real deal in this hustling life. Whenever we get some time, the first thing that our mind needs is to relax and chill. Away from all the stress of the office, homework, projects, meetings and so much more. And as much as we want it, our body and mind needs it to be more productive, active and positive. So let’s look at 10 tasks that can make your body and mind happy and productive.

Bubble bath: when you talk about relaxing, what’s more relaxing than hydrotherapy. And by that I mean to make you relaxed with the flow of water. The sound of water trickling and the sensation of water moving on your skin is itself to make you relaxed. Also hydrotherapy is included in one of the major therapies to make a person relaxed and stress free. So trying a long bubble bath will definitely make your body happier.

Drawing : what’s better than polishing your skills in free time or if you are new to the drawing field, than learning a new skill. According to scientific evaluation too, colors help the brain to generate more creative ideas. And even if you’re not into paintings you have too many options in the field like doodling, sketching, mandla art and so much. You can start basic with lines and circles and then try mixing and matching them to give it a form of an art.

Yoga : it was always a part of learning a way of life from our ancient times in India. The reason is it helps to learn the basics through which one can make some life changing decisions and to know about one’s true self. Yoga doesn’t o748 8355 3927 the fullest. Yoga is also proved to cure many diseases through its various mudras and asanas. It also helps you to get focused and expand your thinking powers and helps you drive yourself in a positive direction.

Writing poems or small Stories : rhyming words and sentences are really a fun game. But when it takes the form of poems it becomes better. Writing poems is not easy too as you have to thread your imagination into beautiful rhyming words. Also if you’re not so good at rhyming you can also write short stories. A mix of fiction with any of the emotions like romance, thrill, sci-fi and sometimes even your dreams. It’s a way of expression.

Take a nap : ok so one question… What’s the first thing on your mind all day on the starting of the weekend or on the start of holidays? Most of us will answer it as sleep. And why not? After all it’s scientifically proven too that good sleep helps your brain and body both. A good power nap will help you become more active and focused too. But keep that in mind that your naps should be of small durations as there is a huge line between nap and sleep. 

Read Book or Novel : if you are a book lover and your hobby is to read novels then it can be best thing to do while bored. Make it that way during holidays. Also reading daily for some time helps your mind to get expanded also it will also help you to expand your vocabulary and knowledge and also make your body and mind relaxed. Even if you don’t want to purchase any book you can just get an app like anybody, kindle etc. To choose the book you want to read.

Music : music is itself a good therapy for the mind to get relaxed but you must keep that in mind that you’re listening to the right music to get relaxed as loud noise can also affect your brain and cause headache. Try to listen to soothing music when you feel exhausted and bored. Also now we have so many types of music to choose between like binaural beats, white noises, soothing instrumental music and much more.

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Movie or Web Series : usually this is the second most preferable activity all youngsters choose after napping, right? This can be known by watching the popularity of the apps like amazon prime, Netflix, telegram etc. So this holiday put up your favourite movie on download and watch it relaxing with some tasty snacks. The best part of watching a movie on a laptop or phone is you can skip the part you want and watch twice the scenes you want to watch.

Long Shower : if you are feeling low or a little lazy…. Try to go for a long shower. You can choose the temperature of water according to your body condition as if you are feeling lazy go for a cold shower and if you are exhausted try to get a lukewarm water shower. Cold water gives your body a sudden change in body temperature that will help your mind to waken up suddenly to balance the inner temperature of the body hence making you active to generate body heat.

Take a Look at your old pics and images : we all have some memories that make us freshen up when we remember it. So whenever you get some free time try turning up the pages of your baby albums and family albums. I’m sure some of those pictures will lighten up your face and memories related to them will freshen up your mood. 

Productive Things to do when bored


We all want to utilize our time and be productive as much as we can. But sometimes things don’t always go exactly doesn’t go according to the plan. As we don’t make a to do list for our holidays that’s why most of the things skip our mind during holidays. Still we’ve got a list of things to make yourself productive and it can not be differentiated according to jobs you do as this will prove to be fruitful for every person. So let’s take a look on the list.

Research about your dream job : starting from the first day of college we try to figure out what we will do after college. Most of you even figured it out till now right? So whenever you have free time try to research for your dream job. It’ll motivate you to work hard to grab it.

Start gym : youngsters these are real choozy when it comes to health and fitness. If you also belong to that type. Then starting gym class will be the perfect task for you as it will utilise your time perfectly and the outcome will really be appreciated.

Laundry : when you have a job and have to work hard, then you always get a pile of dirty laundry which we usually kick for the weekends. So cleaning them in free time will prove a good way to utilise your time and saving some time for essential work.

Find a freelancer job : if you are the one who wants to earn a few extra bucks in your free time then this activity is for you. All you need is a laptop or PC to work and some knowledge on the internet. You can find various jobs according to your conditions. This will prove to be a good utilisation of time for sure.

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Fix your wardrobe : daily work, too many outfits to try, as a result wardrobe turns to a real mess. So whenever you have some free time. Try fixing your wardrobe for a change. You’ll be able to know what you need and what you don’t from it and also what you need to add in it. 

Make your future finance plan : financial plans are a real headache for everyone but Essential as well. So why not make a plan in your free time. You’ll be able to concentrate more clearly on the vision of your next plans and how you’re going to afford things.

Start a DIY project : Do It Yourself projects are real fun and popular these days. Especially the one that makes best from the waste. Try some decors tutorials or any other DIY tutorials you like to try out.

Plan any future project : you want to do something good? Make sure you plan it well. Planning is the first and crucial step towards a goal. So in free time you can plan your upcoming important projects.

Make a list of things to do : you would have heard about making a to do list for a better day planning. You might get lazy to make it on your normal working day. But in the time of Holidays you can do it without rush and focusing on prioritising work according to their need.

Cleanup your phone and social media including Emails : our email boxes usually get filled up with daily unnecessary mails. Clearing junk mails is also a dreadful task to do everyday. So working on it on holidays is a real utilisation of time.

Adventurous Things to do when bored


We youngsters are always referred to as extra active and ready for adventures. So why not start with twisting ideas to make it work your way. Adventure is not only in doing work that takes your breath away. It’s something that makes you feel new and creative. Let’s check some of the adventurous ideas I’ve got for you to try.

Start a blog : if you’re in love with your laptop and love tip- tapping on it, this task is for you. Blogging is not that hard and you can even start with a template that is now provided by many websites these days.

Go for hiking : this task is for nature lovers. If you love to be near mother nature then try to go on hiking this holiday. You can find many routes to try on the internet, choose one and go for a good adventurous trip.

Try a new restaurant in the city : there is nothing youngsters love more than food and sleep, right? So if you’re a food lover than you must try to find new restaurant near you. Who knows that if you may find a restaurant that becomes your new favourite spot or a new delicious dish.

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Visit museum : it is a real adventure to peek into history. If you too are interested in the history of different civilizations try to explore museums this holiday. Find top lists of museums on different themes around you and find your favourite themes to visit.

Go for  a long road trip : for bike lovers and solitary riders long road trips are real fun and a way to connect to themselves. Also going on a road trip with your loved ones often proves to be mind changing and refreshing. It also helps to get more connected and a lot of memories together.

Experiment with new recipes : every home has a master chef in their house who loves to cook new dishes and to serve it to others to know how they did. This task is for those master chefs. Try mixing ingredients you know will go well with each other. Who knows you find a new best flavour on your old recipes. It can be best thing to do do while bored it will pass your time too.

Start a garden : nature lovers must know that real adventure doesn’t only belong to hiking or rafting. If you’re not going anywhere try maintaining your garden with beautiful and attractive plants. Try converting a corner of your house to a little garden. I’m sure this area will be enough to give you a relaxed feeling.

Try a new coffee house : caffeine lovers should try this thing to do while bored at home. Find a new coffee house in your area or the area you can cover comfortably. Try visiting it with one cup of coffee and music. This me time will prove a good one for you.

Plan a future trip : holidays are mostly all about trips and visits. So even if you’re not visiting anywhere this year. Don’t be sad just make future trip plans where you want to go and what you want to see there first. I think it’ll be a good experience for you.

Plan a reunion : school Life, college life and even old friends from your old neighborhood have given you so many memories. Try taking in that fragrance of your old town roads with a reunion. It’ll definitely prove to be a great adventurous experience for you.

So I’ve listed some of those things which you can do easily on your holidays. Try making a checklist of things to do on your holidays as it’ll keep you remembered of the things you must do before your vacation ends. And above all just enjoy every bit of life. Take care till next time. Smile.


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