11 Best Exercise For Fat Burn at Home


You know what is the most debated and most searched topic not even in Google but in books, newspapers and in our own mind is? Health and fitness with a question i.e how to burn fat ?. But it is make plans in our mind and when it comes to follow it, all we do is make excuses. But at the time of holidays like this, one can utilise his or her time the to get a perfectly toned body to die for. So, let’s take a look at 11 exercises that can help you lose weight in no time, also it will strengthen your muscles and make you feel strong, confident and an eye catcher.

1. Running

Morning Walk

For the beginners, it’s easiest way to start. 20 minutes of daily running in the morning will do good to focus your every part of the body. Also while running keep your mouth closed and take short breath from nose. It helps to become active for long and less fatigue. Best part is it doesn’t need any special training. It is simple and focuses on your whole body.

2. Bicycle ride


Yet another but simple exercise to focus on your leg muscles to strengthen and tone it. Bicycle ride is already preferred bye many health lovers and also it helps your surrounding too by giving you a pollution free environment. Try preferring bicycle for some of your daily chores like going for shopping etc. As it will help you to get fit as well as you won’t have to to make extra time to do it, as it will be included in your schedule itself.

3. Surya namaskar

Surya Namaskar

Yoga is always witnessed as the mean to cure every problem and when it comes to stay fit and loose weight it does include many effective asanas. The most effective of it is surya namaskar postures as it’s 12 postures focuses on stretching of every part of your body. Its total mission is to make you fit and active. So, wheather you are fat or not it will always prove to be the best way to start your day.

4. Pushups


You may have seen in movies and many other videos a guy with toned body doing push ups and showing off himself to the girls around. Well, push ups really work good for a toned body. Points to remember is first you must have to do it the right way to reap good results including always keep your body straight during push ups and second always reach down to a level where your nose reaches reaches approximately 1 inch away from the ground, not too above as most of the people do many times. It helps you to focus on muscles of your arms, thighs and stomach. Start small in beginning and then reach for big target.

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5. Crunches


It is something that includes in our basic fitness training and it plays a good role in burning the belly fat. The point that needs to be remember that is always keep your fingers behind your head unlike sit-ups, and let your torso handle your weight, also don’t let your neck too much twisted in order to get more upwards. When we compare sit-ups and crunches, the later proves to be more Beneficial to loose belly fat.

6. Jumping jacks

Jumping Jack

It is one of the basic exercise and yet very effective training in fat burn. While doing jumping Jacks remember that when you open your legs the Pressure builts up on the gluteus muscles not the knee muscles i.e. open your legs of your full legs not from knees. The sole purpose of performing this exercise is opening up your arms and legs and strengthening up the muscles present their. Usually this is included in warm up training as it warms up the whole body before any rigorous training. Performing up this 20-40 in a set is enough for the beginners.

7. Squatsit


It is one of the best exercise for the lower body muscles. For the beginners too this exercise is recommended for Tonning of the thigh muscles. In in the beginning you can start with the three sets of 10 squats with 60 seconds brakes in between and then you can increase it with your strength accordingly. Points to be noted during the exercise is keep your hands straight in front of you to give you balance for your lower body during performing this exercise. Also, keep in mind never let your name exceed your toe area. Also focuses on the gluteus muscles so it is included in women Tonning workout of their buttocks.

8. Lunges


It is also one of the basic exercise that helps you to tone up your lower body with the pressure on your thighs and butt chicks. Remember that when u get down on your knees keep your knees behind the toe area so that it depicts your are not moving forward Instead you are just moving downwards. It can be proved very good for the leg area but for beginners start slow and then work more according to your capacity. 

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9. Planks

Side Plank

They are usually performed for toning up of the abdominal muscles along with the shoulder muscles and thigh muscles. Their are many types of planks but for the beginners, usually forearm planks are preferred. But with the time you can step up for the straight arm and even for side planks. Side plank being hardest one among these as it takes all the weight of the body to just one side of the body. Planks can also be referred to as starting point of the pushups mainly for straight arm planks. It gives up the huge pressure on the ventral side of the body hence, tensing up the muscles and burn up extra fat of the body.

10. High Knees

High knees

it’s also an easy to learn exercise n can help u to tone up your thigh muscles as it involves bending up of knees to reach a certain portion of your abdomen hence the name high knees. It engages your core, strengthens all the muscles in your legs, gets your heart rate up and improves momentum, coordination and flexibility. As beginners begin with slow and controlled movements to prevent a pulling a muscle or to strain it. It also will helpful for your abs but not to a real extend as it mainly focused on fat burning. This also helps to build a good momentum for your body and to strengthen it.

11. Leg lifts

Double Leg lifts

It is very helpful exercise to enhance balance and stability, to burn up the calories fast, strengthening up the core muscles specially of lower abdominal muscles, it also improves flexibility and it also lowers the risk of back injuries. The point that must be remembered is keep your legs straight which may be hard for beginners but with time and consistent practice you’ll be able to see the results real soon. It mainly works on the thigh muscles to burn the fat and also to stretch up the back of the knees.

So we all know that we all treat holiday period as holidays to fitness too which makes it hard to get back in schedule when the fun days ends. So, these are some of the exercises which will help you to burn fat and to become fit even during your quarantine period and won’t let you get in your comfort zone and will help you make your time productive. Take care, till next time. Smile.


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