5 Latest innovations that can improve future of mankind


Hi friends, innovations are something that leads a country to development. And development and progressive behavior is something that leads a country to rank in the list of developing countries. Today I am here with something that will help you to know about our society’s whole development. Today’s topic is latest inventions and innovations that are helping society. Let’s take a look on 5 innovations that are now helping mankind.


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Drinking water is something that is must needed for everyone to lead a healthy life therefore in the list of innovation second is Oneer. For that many companies have launched their water purifiers that can help to overcome the scarcity of potable drinking water. But above them all, the water purifier developed by the researchers at CSIR-IITR, named Oneer is different.  It is an electronic device that runs on solar energy and provides clean water for less than two paise per litre. Unlike UV purifiers that kill microorganisms from clear water, it can also treat brackish or turbid water with microorganisms. In addition, there will be no need to add any chemical and the water can be stored for around 30 hours without the risk of any recontamination.

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Robot birds

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Many times birds have been put to a great risk during flight take off. But a solution may have been found in the form of a robotic bird of prey that flies over an area, scaring off intruders. A company in Netherlands has designed robotic birds of prey. They named it ‘Robirds’. They mimic real falcons and eagles to scare small and big birds respectively. These 3-D printed birds are being put to test till next year. Till now about 75 % of birds are being scared off already. So this has really been proved to be an important invention.

Bin-e smart bin

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Bin e

In the field of innovation recycling is the topic which is most important for now. And the problem is again humankind. We may have got instructions that we have to put garbage according to its material which is recyclable and what is not. But worry less in this matter too because the innovators have developed a solution for this too. And that is bin-e smart bin.  It works in steps that involves  waste recognition, sorting of that material, then compression in case if it is compressible, then run a data processing for filling the level control, then form the logistic optimization and fill it in its relevant chamber automatically. This is something i.e. needed in every part of the developing countries the most.


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World reader is a global NGO that provides free access to digital books via e readers and mobile phones. 12.1million people across 47 countries have read from Worldreader’s digital library. As it expanded to schools and libraries throughout Africa with our BLUE Box programs and throughout the rest of the developing world with the Worldreader application, they’ve collected immensely valuable data on our programs. They analyze those data and publish the results regularly.

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You can find the best free romance, sports, educational, religious, fiction, and nonfiction books to add your bookshelf on the Worldreader app. This tech is something that is going to help a lot of people who are interested to read and to know about things. This is going to be a bridge between knowledge and money.

The Universal Anesthesia Machine (UAM)

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The Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) is the world’s first CE-certified anesthesia machine designed to work without electricity and medical oxygen. With a built-in oxygen concentrator, standard connections for other oxygen sources, and key features on battery backup, the UAM uses a combination of continuous-flow and draw-over technologies to deliver general anesthesia safely in any setting.

These are the ones that were really proved to be the best and useful innovation for the mankind. When we talk about innovations they show the real potential of a country. And progressive and creative talent of the country these are some of the innovations and future of the country. These are also an outline to work on the future technologies of the country. So work on your potential and generate something to make this place better for human kind. See you till next time, smile.


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