6 best cheap products for shiny hair at home


Hi friends, we all know that our body matters more than everything. And that means it needs to be taken care of.  Hair plays an important role for a charming persona. That means it must need to be taken care of. But in this era where pollution and contamination is everywhere it’s really hard to make these things happen easily. We suffer from dry, frizzy hair contributes to major hair problems. So let’s find out some easy to be done home remedial to deal with this dryness and to get smooth silky shiny hairs.

Aloe vera

The power of Ayurveda can never be challenged at any costs. So let’s head to our gardens for the solution. All you need is some aloevera gel scooped from fresh leaves and mash it up with some water and massage it to the scalp to ends of your hair.

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Aloe vera has abundant amount of proteolytic enzymes in them which help to deal with frizz and damaged hair by repairing them and circular massage all along the scalp helps to get good blood circulation throughout the hair and help in growth of new hairs.

Hot oil massage

Massaging on hair is one of the best hair care because it helps in creating good blood circulation in the scalp which further helps in getting nutrition to the scalp through blood and that is what the most important thing for hair.

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The motive for giving hot oil massage is to give your hair follicles a boost and to stimulate hair care and growth more and more. Be it coconut oil or olive oil a=both can make your scalp nourished and helps you to fight with frizz. You can also add vitamin E capsules in them in order to get better results.

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Curd is a product that helps you all around whether it is your digestion, your taste, your skin and your hair. It is a nourishing product that helps you to fight with dandruff problems too. Vitamin B5 and D in curd helps to maintain healthy hair.

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Curd can be used solo or with mixing it with certain items you can also make a mask to nourish your hair. Like mix it with amla or neem powder it can help you to get rid of itching or lice problem and helps to aid in hair growth.

Apple cider vinegar

It is something that takes minimum time for the treatment and yet gives you the best result possible. All you have to do is to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar having 1 part of vinegar and 9 part of water. Rinse your hair with this after you finished with washing them and let it be for 5 min and then pour some cold water over your hairs and you’ll see the difference after they get dried up.

It mainly helps you to get rid of all the pollutants and treats your hair thoroughly without any use of harsh hair treatment and makes them look shiny and silky.


It is a very rich source of sulfur which is a main component of hair i.e. used in production of keratin from which our hairs are made of. Hence hairs can really be blessed if you’ll give them treatment with onion juice.

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You can mix some essential oils if you hate that smell of onions. Just massage your hair with it and leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair. Do it for certain time once or twice in a week and you’ll see magical difference.

Banana mask

Your hair care is sometimes incomplete without \masks. And when it comes to nourishing your hair banana and honey mask is great. Banana contains potassium and high moisture content helps to deal with dry hair.

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banana mask

Mash a banana in a bowl and add honey to it. Mix it well and spreads into hair thoroughly cover it with shower cap. Keep it that way for half an hour and then wash. This will help you to get good quality hairs with soft and silky touch and shiny look. They are some of the home remedial for shiny hairs. I’ve kept this thing in my mind that all the things mentioned above are easy to find, cheap in price and effective. In additional try to keep your hair covered when going outside to protect them from dust and sunlight. Try having a balanced diet, use sulphate-free shampoo and don’t be stressed so often. See you till next time, smile.


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