Top 8 earphones under 1000 with amazing sound quality


For great music experience, you need a good pair of earphones which can deliver great sound quality with clear sound and rich bass for party and dj songs. Finding the best earphones is not an easy task, for that you will need to do lots of research. Because nowdays some of the sellers use paid reviews and ratings for their product in result it will give you bad user experience.

So here i am giving you the list of top 8 earphones available in the market under 1000 which can give you amazing sound quality.

8. JBL C100SI

Another good earphones in budget segment by JBL. The JBL C100SI is a lightweight in design. It will easily fit in your ears because of  angled tips. The wires of earphone is made by high quality material and it is little sturdy.

The sound quality of JBL C100SI is great, considering their small size and the price they are available in. The overall audio output of JBL C100SI is very good. Vocals are clear while the bass is less in comparison to JBL 100 offers. There’s inline mic with active noise cancellation.

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7. Boult Loupe

Boult Loupe has recently released by boult audio in budget earphone for the indian market. The earphones are capable of producing decent audio quality and can play both high and low music with clarity. Bass of the the earphones is high for music lover and it gives amazing experience to its users.

Design of the earphones looks premium with high quality and tangel free cable. It has a Kevlar coating for an increased durability.It has a uniquely designed custom ear loop for comfortable fit on the ears. Earphones has Al alloy coated speakers which increase its overall look.

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6. Sennheiser CX 180

The Sennheiser CX 180 is definitly the most popular pair of earphones in the price under 1000. Because of decent sound output there is no other pair of earphones that can compete with the Sennheiser CX 180 in terms of sound quality. 

The build quality is good and design is simple still it look very decent in black and grey colour. It has perfect noise isolation , audio quality is great and deep on bass with crystal clear vocals.

It’s very comfortable so you easily wear these earphones for long hours continually without any problem. The only cons is lack of inbuilt mic still CX 180 is in the list because of its sound quality and durability.

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5. JBL C200SI

JBL is always known for decent sound quality and JBL C200SI proves them. This earphones is released in india in latest with the tag ‘ Pure Bass’. First of all, I love the design of JBL C200SI earphones. The earphone comes in plastic built and lightweight design. it looks a little bit premium with shiny metal finishing.

The quality of the cable is decent with its sturdy wire. It is also very comfortable to wear. With amazing sound quality, the bass of the earphones is also fabulous. The output is very clear and it’s good for both low and very high volume. The earphones comes with a good quality microphone and single-button remote to control your music and call.

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4. Skullcandy Jib

Skullcandy is one of the best brand in the world of earphones and headphones. The earphones come with good design, and variety of colors to choose according to style you want.

The frequency of Skullcandy jib ranges from standard 20Hz to 20kHz. Sound is very clear and good balance of bass and travel which delivers perfect sound quality for music lover.

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3. Boat BassHeads 225

The boAt BassHeads 225 is the best earphone for around 500 Rs with high bass. It looks very stylish and premium with polished metal.Because of full metal body the build quality is very good.

The cable of earphone is very strong, flat in design and tangle free.It is light weight earphone with rich bass and good treble combination.The earphones also have noise cancellation for listening to your favorite songs noisy environments.

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2. Sony MDR-EX150AP

This is another most popular earphones in this price range, with signature sound quality of Sony (Rich Bass and clear audio). Due to light in weight its never makes user uncomfortable even after long hours of use.

The earphone offer very clear bass and reach sound output with balanced treble and vocal sound. This is an earphone with good audio and great design and build quality with long durability.

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1. Sennheiser CX 213

The Sennheiser CX 213 is most selling earphones under 1000 Rs, because of its clear and balanced sound quality. With decent bass quality and balanced treble and vocal sound, it is quite good for all the music gens.

The design is very simple, but overall earphones look very decent with black and grey colour. The best thing about this earphone is that it’s very comfortable, so you can easily wear these earphones for 4-5 hours continue without any problem.Its is very durable

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