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Hi friends, here I am with most critical topic of nowadays and i.e. coronavirus. It isn’t so long till corona virus breakout but it caused a massive breakout and forced everyone to be vigilant. This breakout started in Wuhan, China but spread to various country including India. I’ve already written the basics but now let’s check out the latest updates on the novel coronavirus.

Some important information

  • Corona virus isn’t a species; it’s a family of virus.
  • Novel coronavirus or 2019-ncov isn’t well defined name it means new coronavirus.
  • It’s now compared to SARS nowadays because in the case of SARS the original source was a bat and this shares 96% similarities with the bat generated SARS. But its original source is still unknown.

World’s update

  • Total cases- 43,143
  • Death- 1,018+ 108 deaths on 10, 11 February
  • Total recovered 4,336
  • Mild condition- 30,444
  • Serious or critical- 7,345
  • Death is majorly in the country of China (1,124) next two are Hong Kong (1) and Philippines (1).
  • According to the times coronavirus is of greater threat then Ebola virus, it’s because of the mode of transmission, its potential is much, much higher.
  • On February 10 there were 65 new cases in japan found on its one of the cruise ship “Diamond Princess”.
  • World Health Organization team of international experts arrives in China to assist with containing the novel coronavirus outbreak.

India’s status

  • Kerala withdrew the “state calamity” warning status issued in the outbreak of novel coronavirus on 7 February. Despite that there are still 3000 people under observation.
  • Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has exempted flight crews from Breadth Analyzer test for 15 days due to the wake of coronavirus in Kerala. It’s followed on Kerala’s Calicut, Kannur, Trivandrum and Cochin airports.
  • PM Modi writes to Chinese President Xi as death toll crosses 800 in China.
  • An Indian National is confirmed with novel coronavirus in UAE.

Prevention and treatment

  • No particular vaccine or cure yet found only for the particular coronavirus.
  • Prevention from getting exposed to the virus is better.
  • Person if found positive must be immediately get proper medication, kept isolated live on support system of the vital organs if the condition gets worse.

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This virus is really getting to everyone’s head. And this get transmitted merely coming in contact with the person. So, my advice would be to stay safe get yourself all checked in case of any symptoms and get your immune system at its best because this virus is severe in case of the persons having weaker immune system. Wash your hands frequently, get yourself good food, and keep yourself all clean and hygienic for the least. I’ll catch up with you guys again with some interesting topic. Take care till next time, smile.


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