Astrophotography : combination of astrology and photography


Photography is the art of capturing beauty for life. And when we talk about it, it includes a major part of youth because for them it is passion, hobby, and eagerness to show others or whatever you can name it. The beautiful part is one can also make money from it by capturing beauties at right moment. Astrophotography is a part of it which includes taking pictures of celestial objects and it includes everything from the picture of moon to our whole milky way in it.

Want to begin

The beginning isn’t so hard if you got some love for photography and want to click some cool clicks whether for your collection or to show it off, you definitely need to check this one out.

So, as the world came far from the film photography. Now is the time of digital photography for which all you need is a good camera whether it is of good mobile phone or camera itself and some amazing view.

Basic – it includes fixing your camera in a tripod stand to make it steady. For capturing stars you’ll need long exposure. Keep that in mind that focal length of the camera does matter to measure area of the picture. Try keeping timer, cable release or wireless remote to avoid any kind of vibration or jiggle of touch during capture.

Exposure length – long exposure time make the images look like a streak instead of points and astronomers are using “clock drives” to compensate for Earth’s motion that’s new big step in astrophotography.

How fast –

  • ISO above 400 to record greatest number of stars.
  • ISO 1600 you’ll get brighter but paler stars.
  • For simple cameras it runs from 100 to 400 and for expensive 1600 or even 3200.

Using a telescope – it includes pointing your camera at the eyepiece and just click the shutter.

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Instruments for astrophotography
1. Sony a7R III
2. Nikon D3400
3. Nikon D5500
4. Sony a7R II
5. Canon EOS Rebel T3
6. Nikon D500
7. Nikon D850
8. Canon EOS 7D Mark II
9. Pentax K-S2
10. Nikon D5

A new way of looking at the beauty of the nature with these beauties can make you go amaze for the time being. If you got some good clicks then you can also send it to some good paying websites or you can create your own collection of astrology and share them in various kind of medias to get public attention.

Some of the clicks I found for the beginner
long exposure photography
celestial photography
clicked from Realme pro


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