Mumbai – Pune Hyperloop one Project


Virgin Hyperloop one Project of India in a new tab)

Virgin Hyperloop one project is a high speed transportation project between Mumbai and Pune. The government of the Indian state of Maharashtra has approved Virgin Hyperloop One’s plans to develop a high-speed line between Mumbai and Pune, which could become the world’s first hyperloop. This project is developing by an American transportation technology company ” Virgin Hyperloop one ” which works on high-speed transportation technology concept called Hyperloop.

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After completion of this project , travel time between Mumbai and Pune will be reduced from 3.5 hours to 35 mins. According to company if the project once prove the commercial viability, the hyperloop system will be developed on the other major route of the countary like Delhi-Jaipur-Indore-Mumbai, Mumbai-Bangalore-Chennai , Bangalore-Thiruvananthapuram and Bangalore-Chennai.

How it works
The speed of trains and other transportation vehicle is limited by friction, both against the air of surrounding and the surface on which vehicle moves.But in the concept of Hyperloop , it reduces friction in both of these areas. in a new tab)

It will consist of a tunnel in which a seating pod will move and passengers can seat inside this pod.Power inside the tunnel for creating vaccum and to move propeller of pod will be supplied by solar energy. in a new tab)

First, the tunnels through which passengers pod operates have most of their air removed. They are not complete vacuums, but much less air means low surronding and surface friction which means it will require less energy to reach a higher speed. Due to which it can reach upto the top speed of 1200 kmph according to ongoing analysis.

In the Mumbai – Pune Hyperloop project it is proposed to link Central Pune, the Navi Mumbai International Airport and Central Mumbai. There are approximately 75 million passenger journeys on Mumbai – Pune route annually, which is expected to reach upto 130 million by 2026.
Hyperloop can meet this growing demand by supporting as many as 200 million passengers annually. in a new tab)

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